Roz Davidson is an award-winning composer, poet, novelist, screenwriter and teacher who is the creative force behind Talk-A-Tale Productions and she brings her wealth of experience with children and the arts to this exciting new project. 

With dual Canadian/American citizenship, Roz moved to the U.S. in the early 1980s, working as a journalist, teacher, and performing original music for both children and adult audiences. Included in Roz’s many awards and achievements was special recognition by the U.S. Congress in 1999 for her work in the arts, promoting multi-culturalism. 

After retiring and returning to Canada in the year 2000, Roz became extremely concerned over the seemingly epidemic numbers of bullying incidents and reports of teen-suicides. Roz decided that she needed to do something about it and, soon thereafter, the idea for Talk-A-Tale was born! After months of hard work, Roz Davidson is proud to announce the launch of Talk-A-Tale Productions and the imminent release of her first project... TALK-A-TALE : ROZ'S STORY WORLD! 

In a combination of story and song, Roz leads children on a journey that offers new perspectives on what being different can be like, and helps them to reach deep inside themselves to find the inner-strengths needed to be proud of who they are! Featured on ROZ'S STORY WORLD! is the pro-active BULLY-BULLY-RAP which helps to re-enforce the right way for children to handle themselves when faced with bullying.

In meeting with educators and child-care professionals from coast-to-coast, Roz was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm she received for ROZ'S STORY WORLD! as all were in agreement that a project such as this is long overdue!? 

With over forty minutes of stories and songs, ROZ'S STORY WORLD! combines an audio CD with a twenty-four page printed booklet so that the listeners can read/follow along. In the pursuit of cognizant awareness, interaction is encouraged in designated areas called "choruses" where the readers/listeners can join in with the sound effects, or create their own!