Noteworthy News!

Recent awards include:

  • April, 2011 Roz has recently won an international prize in a playwriting competition for her play, "A matter Of Conscience "
  • Oct 2006 release of Are Flowers Jewish
  • May 2006 O'Keefe Lighthouse Wisdom of Age Mentorship Award
  • Sept 2005 Tri-Cities Spirit of Community Honourable Mention Award
  • Mar 2005 Release of Poetry Book "Wizard of Roz"
  • Sept 2004 The City of Vancouver's Cultural Harmony Award.
  • House of Commons Honours for Cultural Harmony Award
  • 1999 US Congressional and California State Senate Honors for her work in multi-culturalism
  • Scholastics Library School Journal has given "ROZ'S STORY WORLD" a 'thumbs up' review.

Other Awards include:- Vancouver Multicultural Society; City Of Marina, CA; Chamber Of Commerce, Marina, CA; Monterey County, CA - Special Recognition for Work In The Arts; Monterey, CA - Benefactor Of The Arts Award.

ROZ is also remembered in Monterey County for planning the first JOHN DENVER MEMORIAL after his plane crash in Pacific Grove, California. ROZ and her husband worked around the clock organizing a tribute to her hero.  Fans and media, including CNN, came from hundreds of miles to gather in a tearful setting along the beach. Pilots from far and wide flew over as John's songs were sung into the sunset. ROZ'S poem, "JOHN DENVER MEMORIAL SONG" was distributed worldwide and can still be viewed on many John Denver websites.


She intertwines music and maysehs (stories) in a 40-minute heart-warming performance.

Call for bookings and touring dates.
citation.jpg (125486 bytes)
Granny Roz and 
Vancouver City Mayor 
Larry Campbell.
Granny Roz accepts her Award
at the Vancouver City Council Chambers.
from Ujjal Dosanj, M.P.
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