Roz Davidson, "The Granny Rapper" is an award-winning writer, teacher, performer has been involved in muticulturalism in the arts for more than 50 years. ROZ'S prolific poetry has won her several international prizes.

ROZ DAVIDSON, has a background in Journalism / Teaching / Screenwriting / Novels / Musicals / Children's Literature / Raps and Songs. 

ROZ'S rich family cultural heritage -- a storyteller's mecca -- led her into the arts early, starting with her first book of poetry at age 8, then on to Lorne Greene's radio programs, followed by theatre roles and singing performances, with many original musicals to her credit.

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an animated film with Roz performing the "Granny Rap & Rock" throughout, is the beginning of a series of animated children's safety rap films.


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Roz traveled across North America from coast-to-coast visiting libraries and bookstores in major cities. Everywhere she went, it was the same story... Roz decided to try to help with a series animated rap videos carrying a message of change and hope.