For many years, Roz Davidson has been a Dead Sea Scrolls scholar.

She and her husband, Howard Hoffer began doing lecture/slide show & DVD presentations on the Scrolls, the caves they were found in, and the history behind them.

They have recently returned from the Holy Land where they met with eminent professors, Dead Sea Scroll scholars,
The Rockefeller Museum, The israel Antiquities Authority, The Orion Centre and other important institutions such as
The Oxford Centre for Post Graduate Studies, and others.  Roz & Howard now have been given the opportunity to add
rare slides and exhibits to their presentations unavailable to the public before!

The Scrolls are going online in about 5 or 6 months, and, the people preparing this mammoth
production are in touch weekly to give updates on their progress.  What Roz & Howard offer
is quite different from what is going to be appearing
on the Scrolls website.  

They offer you amazing glimpses into deciphering the scrolls via DNA & other modern technology,
who they were written by,  and what is happening to them now.

Roz & Howard offer these presentations to organizations, libraries, schools and other venues.
For bookings please contact:, or phone: 561-736-1989