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Roz Davidson's poetry book, "THE WIZARD OF ROZ"  is a wonderful book
showing how diversified this talented writer really is!  Her weavings of social
justice, nature, women's issues and just plain whimsies are such delights, I
highly recommend it to all poetry lovers!  I want to read more from this expressive
and entertaining writer!

Dr. Hinda Avery, former UBC Professor, Women's Studies
-Executive Director, Vancouver Multicultural Society

Having just finished Roz Davidson's poetry book "THE WIZARD OF ROZ," I am
still smiling! I will keep the book handy when I need a lift!  How talented Roz is,
tackling subjects such as women's issues, social justice and other subjects.  I am
looking forward to more from this writer! And, soon!
Lyvia Smith, Writer/Speaker

Roz Davidson's book, "The Wizard of Roz" is sure to please and tease her
readers. In handling sensitive issues, Roz displays an immense talent in incorporating
humour, social justice, nature tidbits and fun stuff!  We here at the Independent
highly recommend it!

Cynthia Ramsay, Jewish Independent Newspaper Owner

"Granny Rapper Going Strong"
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